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Graduation Requirement - Class of 2021 and Beyond Credits
Language Arts * 4
Mathematics* 3


Social Studies* (must include US History and American Government) 3
Physical Education 1.5**
Health 0.5
Fine Arts 1
World Language 1
Academic Electives *** 3
General Electives 4


* Core Subject



  • *All students are required to enroll in a full year of math, science, and social studies each of their first 3 years in high school.

  • *Students are required to have language arts all 4 years.

  • **Students participating and passing a full year of JROTC will be allowed to waive the following:

  • JROTC 1/Let 1 Rifle = 0.5 PE waiver

  • JROTC 2/Let 2 Rifle = 1.0 PE waiver

  • JROTC 3/Let 4 Rifle or Staff =1.0 PE waiver or 1.0 Academic Elective

  • JROTC 4/Let 4 Rifle or Staff =1.0 PE waiver or 1.0 Academic Elective

  • **Students participating and completing 3 seasons of Marching Band will be allowed to waive 1.5 Physical Education Credit.

  • **Students who complete an entire sports season competing for FFCHS will be allowed to waive 0.5 of Physical Education Credit, up to a maximum of 1.5 credits during their high school career.

  • ***Academic Electives include- English, Math, Science, Social Studies, World Language (in excess of the 1-year World Language Requirement), and other courses as approved by the Principal.