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Fine Arts

Welcome to the Fine Arts Department!  

At FFCHS, we offer ceramics, digital art, drawing, graphic design, introduction to art, painting, photography and video courses.   

Meet the Teachers:

Mr. Andrew Castle ( - DIGITAL/GRAPHIC ARTS

Ms. Ranae Daigle ( - CERAMICS

Ms. Ashley Gettler ( - DRAWING / PAINTING

Ms. Stephanie Moon ( - PAINTING / DRAWING

Mr. Andrew Porter ( - PHOTOGRAPHY

Mr. Shane Trawick ( - VIDEO ARTS

Ms. Whit Walker ( - INTRO to ART

PAINTING: Painting and Mixed Media 1 will introduce and explore acrylics, water color, and mixed media methods. During this class students will be introduced to color mixing and a variety of painting techniques to gain confidence and have fun with painting. You will be encouraged to select your own topics and subject matter to customize assignments to your personal art style. A variety of exciting painters will be looked at to inspire abstract, landscape and mixed media work.

DRAWING: Students will learn new drawing techniques so that they can create works that are personal and unique. They will use a wide variety of media including pencil, pastels, colored pencils, and charcoal. Many projects begin by looking at famous artwork and using ideas to create a personal response. Students will learn to draw subjects that include animals, landscapes, buildings and people.

CERAMICS: There are no prerequisites for Ceramics 1 therefore, basic clay construction methods; pinching, coiling, slab construction, and modeling clay will be the primary focus of this class. The essential objective is to give each student the basic skills required to create three-dimensional ceramic art that is visually successful and fits the students' creative and expressive needs. Projects are designed to provide learning, practice, and growth in several types of three-dimensional forms of art, with ties to historical and cultural traditions. Students will be encouraged to develop higher level creative thinking and problem solving skills. 

DIGITAL IMAGING: Digital Imaging One will introduce and explore the creative possibilities in the computer program Adobe Photoshop. Students will learn digital photography techniques and how to manipulate their photos in Photoshop. Students will make digital paintings and montages. Students are encouraged to take DI I and DI II in the same year.

GRAPHIC DESIGN: Graphic Design One will introduce and explore the creative possibilities in the computer programs Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign. Students will learn layout and type techniques to communicate visual Return to Course List ideas. Students will create advertisements, layouts, product packaging, and logos. Students are encouraged to take GD I and GD II in the same year.

PHOTOGRAPHY: This course teaches students to use photography as a means to visually communicate with an audience and learn how to problem solve, both creatively as well as technically. Students will focus on compositional arrangement, personal aesthetics, art criticism, and the creative process so that they may move from only taking Snapshots to making Photographs! They will use digital cameras to capture their imagery and Adobe Photoshop to refine their compositions. As students learn to construct a visually interesting photograph infused with their personal voice, they are encouraged to continue their journey in Photography II in the same year to grow their skill and practice with the camera - to then enroll in Photo Studio in successive years, as well as AP Studio Art to fully flesh out their portfolios! 

HISTORY AND PRODUCTION: Students will learn the history, technology, and methods of movie production. We will explore genres of film from silent to current blockbusters and discuss their relevance to culture. Students will also learn the art of script writing, editing and special effects as they produce their own cinematic masterpiece. This course may be taken more than once.

TROJAN NEWS: Trojan News will introduce students to the process behind creating a program for television with an emphasis on news broadcasting. Participants must be willing to be on camera and work in collaborative groups. The students of this class will be responsible for creating the daily announcements for FFCHS. Students will gain real world experience in writing, news reporting, editing, special effects, news broadcasting basics, camera work. On occasion students will need to be available to film after school events and sports.