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Mr. Andrew F. Porter

Mr. Porter's Family 2022


Phone: (719) 382-1640


Degrees and Certifications:

B.F.A. in Art Education, University of Illinois

M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction, American College of Education

Hello!  I'm Andrew Porter, Photography Instructor and Assistant Boys Soccer Coach at FFCHS.  I have lived in FFC8 since 2007 and have been teaching at FFCHS since 2014.  Previously, I have taught the visual arts in D20 for 8 years, D11 for 7, and 2 years in IL.  During that time I have coached soccer, tennis, basketball, track, art club, and mock trial.  While teaching photography is my main daily focus, I have a maturing family that consists of my lovely wife, Sandi (FMS STEM teacher), my two boys, Keegan & Rhys, and our dog, Rock.  Hopefully, you will learn a lot more about me as I learn about you in Photography! 

Different teachers have different personalities and different expectations... So what can you expect from me?  Art to me is a passion, one that I love to share and teach to others.  Actually, it's more like coaching - Art is like a sport.  You need to want to play, listen to coaching, and practice.  Through dedicated practice, focus, performance, evaluation and reflection a student can become a "player".  Those that challenge themselves and push the limits of their visual communications will be the ones that compete for the viewer’s attention and time.  My role is as a resource for the students to receive information and guidance to further their ability in creating visual communications that speak to an audience, and we take that work to compete at local and state visual arts contests! 

I want students to have fun and learn interesting information in my courses.  I purposely design activities to stretch student perspectives and make them personally engaging.  Hopefully, they will find most (if not all) of the photo courses meaningful and rewarding!  Not only will your refrigerator become better decorated, but your walls will become more aesthetically pleasing as well!  However, it is very important that you realize that a project based course is very different from a regular academic course.  The time you would usually spend studying for tests is to be used working on setting up, taking, and editing your photographic compositions for critique and submission, as well as supportive work done in your Creative Process Journal and Schoology webpage.