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Raider Team

2024 Raider

2024 Raider

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2022 National Fitness Championship - Runner Up

2022 Kit Carson Raider Challenge - Runner Up

2011 Colorado Scholastic Orienteering State Champions

Staff photo of Senior Army Instructor Lt. Dan Cherry

LTC Dan Cherry


The Raider Team practices physical and technical skills at both the individual and team levels. They perform tasks that may be found in a conventional Army unit such as the Physical Fitness Test, 5Km Runs, Rope Bridges, Land Navigation Courses, First Aid Litter Carry, Cross Country Rescue, Orienteering, 5km Foot March, and Vehicle Pulls just to name a few.

Raider Team Mission Statement

Trojan Battalion Raiders develop discipline, physical and mental toughness at FFCHS and designated competition sites to enhance the leadership, critical thinking and problem solving skills to improve the self-confidence and esprit de corps of each cadet through the spirit of competition.

The Fountain Fort Carson JROTC Raider team is physically fit, mentally tough, and morally straight; willing to go the extra mile to support a fellow Raider.

Things to remember when coming to Practice

- Bring Water!!!

- All cadets on the team are expected to be at all practices unless it is approved by the SAI or AI.

- All cadets are expected to work to their best potential... Example: sound off, push yourself, don't give up, etc. This will make you stronger.

- Proper wear of the OCP according to the CCR 670-1 is expected whenever worn.

 Practices are Mon - Thur 3:30 - 5pm

Supporting Orienteering Websites:

Members of the Rocky Mountain Orienteering Club (RMOC)

Georgia Or Club-

Florida Orienteering Clib-

Map and Control Symbols-

On Line Quiz-


Raiders In Action