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Early Education and Intervention

Preschool for all students on Fort Carson is offered at Weikel Elementary. 

Preschool for all students in Fountain is offered at Conrad Early Learning Center. 

Programs and services for families with young children

Vision: The Early Intervention Preschools in Fountain-Fort Carson School District 8 provide a foundation of learning in a fun, warm, nurturing, safe, secure, and inclusive environment where every child is valued as an individual. Through purposeful play, children will develop a love for learning in order to enhance self-expression, creativity, awareness of peers, and a desire to interact with and care for others. Our preschool team is committed to partnering with families and the community to build healthy relationships. Students will develop a positive perspective about themselves and others as they grow emotionally, socially, intellectually and physically as part of their first school experience. 

FFC8 Preschool Information

Preschool Resources